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Dog ownership comes with many great benefits. From unbeatable companionship to teaching responsibility to children, dogs are one of the best pets around. But it doesn’t end there. Adopting or rescuing a mixed breed dog has many advantages on it’s own.

If you’re considering adopting a mixed breed dog, here are some reasons why it’s not only great for them, but a positive experience for yourself and the community.


You’re Saving a Life

It’s plain and simple; when you adopt a shelter dog, you’re saving a life. Thousands of animals are put up for adoption every year and are looking for a home. Dogs and other pets are usually victims of unfortunate situations, for example, their owner can’t afford to keep them any longer. These animals deserve a second chance, and getting adopted is that chance.

Whether you’re open about it or not, rescuing a dog will make you feel good about yourself and help the community around you.


You’ll be Saving On Costs

Generally speaking, purebred dogs can cost significantly more than a shelter dog. Not that this is bad, but if you want to shave down on the cost of a furry friend, mixed breeds is where you should look.

 Most pound puppies range from $50 - $100, and you can even take advantage of specials at your local humane society. These dogs often come spayed or neutered, and with shots. Just another cost you won’t have to worry about.


You’re Saying No To Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are large dog breeding facilities where the wellbeing of dogs are often neglected. Puppy mills help supply the demand of purebred dogs to large pet stores around the world. Dogs from puppy mills are often malnourished, timid, and live in harsh conditions.

By adopting a dog, you’re helping cut down on the demand for puppy mill dogs. There are hundreds of thousands of dogs waiting for a home at a local shelters, and even one adoption helps home a dog in need.


You’re Helping Control Pet Overpopulation

Overpopulation is typically caused by two factors. The first is dogs that are bred with no hope of finding a home. Secondly, there are animals that are given up for adoption. In both cases, these animals can end up in shelters and cause overpopulation. This problem is very in many states and countries. Needless to say, adopting a mutt can help reduce overpopulation.


It’s A Surprise!

Coming from experience, adopting a mixed breed dog can lead to many surprises. The last dog I adopted was supposed to be the size of a Labrador Retriever, and yet years later he’s still about the size of a terrier.

When adopting a mix, surprises come in all forms. Pure breeds are typically predictable when it comes to behavior and tendencies, but with mixed breed, it’s just a guess at how your dog will look and behave.

Some mixed breeds are more predictable than others, such as the hybrid German Shepherd Lab Mix, although traits such as color, ear and body size, and behavior are still just a guess.

Determining your dog's heritage is also fun. Once you get them dog home, you can get a DNA test, which will give you a glimpse of your dogs past.


You’re Contributing to Healthy Dog Genetics

Inbreeding of purebred dogs is growing issue. To keep a dog purebred, it must be bred of similar genes and breed. If this breed is prone to a certain disease, say heart failure, these genes are passed down to their puppies.

In mixed breed cases, these bad genes can be overwritten by good genes, but with purebred, the likelihood of both parents having faulty genes is higher. Which means the rate for heart failure increases. This is common with various breeds and health conditions.

Adopting a mixed breed dog helps cut down on inbreeding in dogs, and allows their genes to diversify and produce stronger genes.


Mixed Dogs Are Eager To Please

In most cases, when adopting a dog you can feel a sense of appreciation glowing from their personality. It could be a projection, but I believe dogs know when we give them a second chance.

Mixed breed dogs are eager to learn and please their owners. Some may come from a torn background, but with patience, they often open up and spread the love.

Adopting a dog isn’t always smiles and happiness. Training a dog can take patience and hard work, but building that trust and relationship with your furry friend is well worth the friendship you gain.

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