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Product details

The Bling range is one our best selling collar range. The uniqueness of this collar is that it adorned with diamantes and is a rubber collar.

The blend of functionality and style makes and dog wearing the Bling really stand out from the pack.

The collar is water proof and so easy to wash.

The collar comes in 5 great colours- Traditional Black for any occasion, a sky Blue for a chilled out approach, Pink for the pampered pooch and fiery Red for the ever confident pooch and our new Purple

XLarge   55-65cms long x 3.5cms wide/ 3 rows of Diamantes
Large      45-55cms long x 3.0cms wide/ 3 rows of Diamantes
Medium  35-45cms long x 2.5cms wide/ 2 rows of Diamantes
Small      27-35cms long x 2.0cms wide/ 2 rows of Diamantes
Puppy     25-30cms long x 2.0cms wide/ 2 row of Diamantes
XSmall   20-25cms long x 1.3cms wide/ 1 row of Diamantes

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