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Skin Pink Collar From

The Skin collar was born out of a need to be different. Not just your average run of the mill collar. If your dog's appearance is important to you then this is the collar for you. Inspired by the fashion houses of Europe the Skin collar is made from a non toxic pvc rubber. Embedded into the design are glow in the dark features. And like all our dog collars they are easy to wash, durable and will set your dog above the pack.

However like all good things come to end, we have introduced new styles and we have had to make way for these new styles by dropping a few other styles..


The collar also has a matching bowl.


Size Chart

XLarge   55-65cms

Large      45-55cms

Medium 35-45cms only 3 left

Puppy     25-30cms
XSmall   20-25cms

Collar Sizing