Therapy Dog Awareness Month

The team at gummi are pleased to be promoting and participating in Therapy Dog Awareness Month during the month September, 2021. Therapy Dog Awareness Month feels more important now than ever, given what we are all currently living through and reinforces the unwavering love and support dogs provide at all times.

To show our support of the incredible work of our charity partner Delta Therapy Dogs we will be donating 10% of the profit on every sale of the gummi collection both online and at our Prahran retail hub.

Delta Therapy Dogs is the leader in evidence-based animal assisted services and education in Australia.  They help animals bring joy through their animal assisted services and programs to over 20,000 Australians every week. From kids in hospital to the residents in nursing homes, anxious uni students and stressed office workers – every day across our nation lives are uplifted by hard working Delta Therapy Dog teams.

Pets show us how to live in the moment, focus on the positive, and foster gratitude in our lives – all of which is needed even more in these uncertain and challenging times. Thousands of volunteer Delta Therapy Dog teams take this one step further by sharing the bond they have with their pet with others from different walks of life. This leads to a greater sense of wellbeing in our community and reduces social isolation.

This September will be the fourth annual Therapy Dog Awareness Month acknowledging and celebrating the impactful work of therapy dogs. 

We invite you to share in the amazing work that Delta Therapy Dogs do by visiting them online at and to support our fundraising efforts. 

Why not bring some joy to your own furry friend with some gummi goodies while supporting our hard-working Delta Therapy Dog teams!



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